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The Best Battery-operated ULV Cold Fogger in the Market

Disingerm®  Inc. Demo of the AiroFog AiroStar 

We have used several different foggers over the last year and nothing compares to Airofog, especially the Airostar Battery Powered Fogger. The Airostar is the best in the market when it comes to getting the job done consistently. No other fogger can compare to the state-of-art design and longevity. If you're looking to disinfect and/or sanitize area we strongly recommend anything Airofog. Buy the Airostar by Airofog NOW! Click here!  

AiroStar is the latest PATENTED innovation.

This high-efficiency portable cordless cold fogger is the ideal appliance for application both indoor and outdoor.

With the unique mechanical design and modern electronics technology, this appliance is able to deliver a consistent fine aerosol throughout the whole fogging procedure, its battery is smartly programmed for recording the charging cycle numbers and interval time, its lower noise decibel gives operator a more comfortable using experience

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